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About us : Europanas


Europanas was born from the desire to make in the Internet, a small place where you can find informations and themes of interest for the Latin American and the European people; with this site i want to do a point where both cultures can be together.

¿What means Europanas?, this name is by the way, one integration between both cultures: "EURO", from the word Europe; and "PANAS" is a word that in some countries of Latin America means: friend, pathner, Amigo.

For that information of Europanas, can be enjoyed by a bigger group of people, i will work in three diferents languague: Spanish, English and German, because i know that no all the persons talk more than one languague, and some times, is difficult to find information about other country in the own languague.

When you will have any idea, question o thing that you want tell me, please write me to: webadministrador@europanas.com

For now i invite you to visit my site that is daily update, and enjoy the information and contact with the people from Latin America and Europe that i want offer to you.


Adriana Reyes de Ibendorf.

The Webmaster.


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